Man United’s Champion’s League Nightmare

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Retired professional football player Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima was one of the world’s best football players. He is among the top 10 in the world according to a book entitled, Greatest Ever Footballers. One event that proved his greatness was his game against Manchester United in the 2003 Champions League Cup quarter finals. Everybody on the side of EPL’s top-level team will not forget how one Brazilian, who was then playing for Real Madrid, single-handedly tormented a team and handed them one of their most stunning defeats in the European Cup. The game happened on the Devils’ home field on April 22. What was supposed to be an advantage turned out a nightmare when Ronaldo played his heart out on the field. It was the second leg of the quarterfinals and the English team thought they have the advantage since they were playing on their own pitch. But Ronaldo, a three-time FIFA Player of the year, just refused to give in. Manchester United won the game, 4-3, but Real Madrid finished with a better aggregate score to break the hearts of the host team and around 66,000 fans.

Ronaldo wasn’t called the Phenomenon for nothing. He was one of the reasons why Real Madrid and Manchester United became rivals. His 2003 performance created a virtual wall that separated the two European clubs. The two teams were involved in so many football related issues throughout the years. One example is the tug war over Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid eventually won that tug of war. Since 2003 Champions League quarterfinals, there are only a few positive things that happened between the two clubs. One of which was their connection to Bwin Party Digital Entertainment, the company behind online gaming site This website, which offers online casino games like Craps, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, lets players win cash prizes on their mobile phones or computers. These games are as entertaining as Ronaldo’s 2003 performance, as real as the ones played in casinos in London and Madrid. The two teams now experience big developments in their campaigns through Bwin’s help. But the gaming company’s sponsorship of the two clubs will only serve as common ground for both teams. Ronaldo’s beating of the Manchester United will stay as a reminder of the two teams’ differences.

Home fans mourned for the loss. But what’s more fascinating was that these fans, after being struck with Ronaldo’s daggers, gave the Brazilian footballer a standing ovation when substituted in injury time. It was such a beautiful game. Ronaldo’s great game got his enemies up in admiration. Maybe now, for Manchester United fans, he is no longer a nightmare they want to keep away from. He is a dream that every players and fans would like to aspire to be like or have on their team.

Ronaldo visits Leonardo and PSG

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Ronaldo made his way back to Europe to visit his long time friend Leonardo and PSG where Leonardo is now director. Whilst in Paris, Ronaldo posed for photo’s and signed autographs.

PSG have been linked with several top players since being taken over by Qatar group. The latest rumour is that Pato will be joining the club soon so that he can reunite with his old boss Ancelotti. I personally don’t think this will happen but I’m sure that for the right price, Pato will be leaving Milan next season.

Brazil donate 32,000 tickets to the 2014 World Cup

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Ronaldo had to console another Brazilian football legend Romario at an event yesterday as the Brazilian Football Federation announced that they would be donating 32,000 tickets to the underprivileged. 500 tickets per match will be given to the disabled community and to low income families so that they can attend the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil. The total cost will be US$23.8 million but its money well spent for a nation where football is everything.

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