A look into Ronaldo’s home

Posted April 9, 2009

This was Ronaldo’s home when he was playing for Real Madrid. The interview was made back in 2006 before the World Cup.

During the interview with David Beckham and Ronaldo, Ronaldo and Beckham was asked how they communicated with eachother when they first met as Ronaldo did not speak a word of English. David Beckham says that Ronaldo knows more than he can speak and Ronaldo says that David Beckham has a very strong English accent. Beckham then says that Ronaldo is shy for the first 10 mins when you first meet him but then after that he’s not shy at all.

Ronaldo says that him and Beckham are best friends and they regularly get together at eachothers homes with their families and have the occasional BBQ which they enjoy most.

Luciano Huck asks Beckham how it is to play with so many Brazilians. Beckham says that he loves playing with Brazlians as they are so friendly and they are always smiling. He says he also enjoys Samba but doesn’t know how to dance or play so he settles with just watching the Brazlians do it. Beckham also says that he will be supporting Brazil as well as England in the World Cup.

Luciano Huck talks about how Brazlians love Beckham as he is a great player but more so for the fact that he is married to Victoria Beckham who is huge in Brazil. He also states that the love him because he is a great guy and plus he’s one of Ronaldo’s best friends.

They then talk about the last World Cup in 2002 when England played Brazil. Ronaldo and Beckham exchanged jerseys after the game. In an interview which is played in the video, Ronaldo says that when he swaped the jersey with Beckham, after 90 minutes of play Beckham’s jersey still smelt nice.

After the interview Ronaldo shows Luciano Huck the rest of his pad. Ronaldo has a room dedicated to his trophies and he explains that his 1997 World Player of the Year trophy is his most important. The second is the 2002 World Cup trophy as he says it showed that he had overcome his injuries and the devastating defeat in 1998.

They then go to Ronaldo’s room and Ronaldo jokes that if this room could talk it would have a million stories.

At the end of the video, Ronaldo introduces one of his childhood friends (blue t-shirt) who he grew up with as a kid in Brazil. He now lives with Ronaldo and is Ronaldo’s handy man around the house. His mother is also present and Luciano asks his mum how she feels when she watches her son play. She says that her heart beats very quickly and she enjoys it most when Ronaldo scores.

It’s a very brief translation but hope it makes the video more enjoyable to watch.

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