I will not get fat and ugly says Ronaldo

Posted February 15, 2011

Ronaldo’s struggle against the scales has caused him immense grief over the last few years. With the discovery – four years ago – a disorder called hypothyroidism, which slows the body’s metabolism and facilitate weight gain, the Phenomenon packed on some extensive weight. Now retired at age 34, Ronaldo no longer has the commitment of daily training, the grueling pre-season, the strict diet of the clubs doctors and games twice a week, he knows he will need to be careful.

“I will live healthy. Do not want to get fat. I’m not going to get ugly,” revealed Ronaldo in an exclusive interview with TV Globo.

The Phenomenon has never liked to reveal his weight, but reached 100 kilos a few times. He said his biggest problem was hypothyroidism. Since 2007, he knew he had a problem but because he was a professional football player, he could not take the hormones needed for treatment as the drugs may interfere with a possible drug test.

Now that he no longer will be subjected to such tests, Ronaldo will strictly follow the prescription to combat the disorder. But in addition, he promises to exercise. Not out of obligation but out of vanity, for health and leisure.

“I want to create a routine and do fun things like playing tennis, spin classes (on stationary bikes) and bodybuilding. I’m having fun …,” said Ronaldo.

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